Asia-Pacific IPv6 Training Workshop

Date:   22-23 August 2005
Location:   Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

This workshop was aimed at network administrators in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly those working for NRENs or ISPs. It provided practical IPv6 training on addressing, migration from IPv4 to IPv6, multihoming, as well as mobility and security issues. The programme included practical hands-on sessions, along with access to a remote testbed for more complex configurations. In addition, specific deployment cases were be considered.

The workshop was being held in conjunction with the Global IPv6 Summit Taipei on 23-29 August 2005, and the 20th APAN Meeting on 23-27 August 2005.

Monday, 22 August (08.30-17.00)

Tuesday, 23 August (08.30-17.30)